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From music, podcasts or audio productions. Focusing on getting it right at the source and creating the best creative atmosphere, I will use all my knowledge, experience and the right tools to shape the sound of your productions.
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Professionalism, high quality service and treatment, quick and easy development, proximity and commitment.
On top of all this you will get a professional on your side at all times to make sure your audio productions get further than you imagined.


From pop, folk or reggae, to rock or metal, I have you covered. With more than 20 years of drum recording experience and using first class recording tools I will work on your music and provide a solid groove foundation to enhance your songs.
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Real high quality drum tracks, Experienced musician, professionalism, remote and quick service.
On top of all this you will get custom sounding drum recordings to bring your productions to life and save time in your writing process
To infinity and beyond


My background as scientist, educator and experience in the audio and music technology world give me the knowledge and tools to write engaging and thorough texts to help your brand showcase its products.

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Custom texts, high value and informative content, Use of key words for SEO, quick and professional service

By using compelling and attractive articles in your website you will increase your value as a brand and reach more potential customers to sell your products.