Let’s do this

Get it right at the source


If you are ready to play we are ready to record. Whether is vocal recordings, or full band, on location or in the studio, live or overdubs, together we can find the best option for capturing your music. Focusing on getting it right at the source, we will use the right microphones and tools to shape the sound that your music needs and turn it in the production that you always wanted.
Loud and clear


You recorded your tracks and you need some fresh ears to mix or master your songs? We will work with your ideas and references to get them where you want. From a classic vintage sound to a modern and punchy mix that will make everyone bounce. We use the latest technology to get the right balance for your songs.
To infinity and beyond


Do you have a project but need help to take it to completion? Perhaps you wrote some songs but want to make them grow and sound like a record. Let us work with you to achieve whatever is your goal.


Do you need to record drums for your songs or a drummer for a gig? Let’s add some groove to your compositions. We offer drumming services for your projects. From pop, folk or reggae, to rock or metal. No matter the style, we have you covered.