Carlos Bricio - Music Producer and Sound Engineer
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I’m a music producer, sound engineer and rock&roll scientist based in Madrid, Spain.

I grew up surrounded by the music of The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Cream or Nina Simone. The themes of films like Star Wars or Back to the Future were my everyday soundtrack. I could hear them in my head all the time!

I started playing the drums in bands when I was in school and I continued throughout University.

Ever since I recorded in a studio for the first time I got myself captivated by this process. My passion for music drove me to study Music Production at Abbey Road Institute where I also worked as Senior Technician and lecturer, helping me to take my music career one step further.

What I do 

During my journey I’ve been working with different projects not only as a producer but also as a musician.

My background as a scientist and interest in technology has also lead me into the world of music and audio technology start-ups like Humtap and Hypersurfaces, where I have worked as music producer and audio engineer.

This mix between science and art allows me to get the best of both worlds and use it to approach projects from a new perspective, making sure than the best results are achieved both technically and musically.

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Carlos Bricio on session - Music Producer and Sound Engineer
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Being a musician myself and having experience in the studio from the other side of the glass makes me aware of the challenges that the artists encounter when they are recording. That’s why I focus on creating the right environment, so they can concentrate on the creative part while I capture that energy whenever it happens.

One of the things that I enjoy the most is working with people. Sharing the love for music and get inspired by one another just makes the whole creative process more fun and special! I like to work closely with the artist and get involved in their projects. That way I can understand what they want to achieve, help them to get there easier and share their passion during the whole process.

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